I often collaborate with theatre groups and artist collectives such as the performance group BridgePain, the artist duo HaHa Produksjoner and latest as a part of Øyteateret. 

My interests are in object theatre, storytelling and site specific explorations. I work across, and combine freely, soundart, sculpture, costume, videoart, photography and text. 


Projects cooking

Sketch Stampede

Stampede, 2021-2022

A sea of feet that creak, scrape, shuffle, tramp, stamp.

Ropes and rusty joints steared by people on each side of it, like a crew onboard a ship. With Stampede I want to develop a choreography based on how both humans and animals "flock" or gather, the body language in these situations.

A work in progress that I hope to premiere in 2021/2022. 

visualisation stampede