Masks - Nora Danser Sin Tarantell

HAZEL BARSTOW scenography - performance - visual arts

Masks for Ingvild Holm's Nora Danser Sin Tarantell (2020)

This performance is one of three parts of Ingvild Holms Research Fellowship presentation. In Nora Danser sin Tarantell the costume ball at Stenborgs is recreated in the restaurant at Nationaltheatret. The costume party is a scene that is famous in Henrik Ibsen's Nora,

but which isn't actually played out in

the original script. For documentation of

the event, see Ingvild Holms website here

Introducing the characters 

Nora – Ingvild Holm
Helmer – Einar Stenseng
Herr Stenborg – Kai Johnsen
Fru Stenborg – Karen Kipphoff
Tjenestepike – Hazel Barstow