BridgePain (BP)

Bridgepain (BP) is a performance group consisting of the members Ale Mendez (CRI), Hazel Barstow (NO/UK), Klara Krämer (DE), Marie de Testa (MX) and Maret Tamme (EE). BP was born 2015 parallel to our studies at the Norwegian Theatre Academy, as a space to process the philosophical approaches to scenography through the act of doing. 

Plaza Records, 2019

A 6,5 days long performance by BridgePain during the Prague Quadrenniale of Architecture and Design (PQ) 2019.  Plaza Records was a part of Formations - which took place outdoors in a plaza area of the PQ festival, and encouraged artists of all genres who create works rooted in patterns: patterns in time, space, sound, movements, bodies and/or materials.

Plaza Records 2019 - the plaza will become our "artist office" for 6,5 days. Our point of departure in Formations will be to get familiar with the area - as it can be experienced during the quadriennale - and explore different ways of documentation. We are interested in the subtle performativity of the act of documenting that leaves enough space for coincidence with the public around us as well as individual approaches of each member of Bridgepain. It is not only the act of documenting that is performative, but it is also the performance itself that develops into a kind of documentation in process.

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BridgePain conversation, 2019

We keep our creative process free. We do first, so we can reflect after what it means to us and to our idea of scenography. 

We create a frame and this is where we meet. Our work is not about bringing ideas into harmony but about letting them collide and spark.

BP is based on trust in “the other” and each other, and relies on the freedom we give one another. BP is a meeting point and the audience is invited to join. What takes place is often very surprising.

Actually! The element of surprise is central to us. We always want to surprise - somehow, with whatever means are at hand.

We are not fixed to any aesthetics or genre. We ask questions and go there. We are not trying to fully understand scenography but explore its borders in every direction. We go and peek in every door. We perform, scratch our own heads and yours, and go on again. 

Our work constists of different genre transgressing projects including a video/concert, an installation/performance, an AutoCAD/concert, a powerpoint/concert and an installation.

A Residency in someone elses Atelier, 2017

Researching materials and language in anothers atelier in Marieboes gate. 

Autocad Heart, 2016

Documentation of a technical drawing created during performance in Dragen Karaokebar in Fredrikstad, 2016