Platon Platina

HAZEL BARSTOW scenography - performance - visual arts

Text: Plato

Idea and performing: Annikki Wahlöö & Alicja Ziolko
Dramaturgy/lights/video: Hector Eguia
Scenography/costumes/lights: Hazel Barstow
Dialogue coach: Grete Sneltvedt
Norwegian translation: Tore Frost
Swedish translation: Jan Stolpe
Music: Kari Rønnekleiv & Ole-Henrik Moe
Philosopher: Enrico Piergiacomi
Video teaser and documentation: Valeria Tomasulo

Producer: Margarethe Rylander

Produced by Temporarity Productions & Alicja Ziolko Productions

Scenography for Platon Platina (2019/2020)

PlatonPlatina is a modern interpretation of Plato's dialogue Lesser Hippias

- a playful performance where two platinablond women balance philosophy

and the sport of badmington, discussing who could be the "best" liar -

the one who voluntarily or the one who involuntarily lies?

Photo credits this page:

photo 1-8 Valeria Tomasulo

photo 9-13 Hector Eguia

photo 14-25 Hazel Barstow